Discover near the gîte chez Léa in Javols the deer slab

During your stay, we invite you try an unforgettable experience, the discovery of the deer’s bellow, in the surroundings of our Gîte chez Léa in Javols, Lozere. During the beginning of autumn, between mid-September and mid-October, at dusk you may have the chance to attend this amazing show in the middle of the nature. During this period, these hollers resonate throughout the forest. The bellow is the cry that deer make during the mating season, to attract the attention of the females. But also to intimidate the other males who sometimes dare to approach the females. Then we can hear their antlers clattering.

découvrez le brame du cerf en lozere
activité brame du cerf près du gite chez lea en lozere


We advise you, to be accompanied by a guide who knows well the forst and where the deers are frequently located. Benoit our manager will be pleased to show you some amazing spots that you don’t want to miss. In particular those installed by Ushuaïa nature, a few years ago during their report.

You might get the chance to see a deer in all its splendor. And thus, hear the long-awaited roar of the deer and that around the Gîte in Javols. A unique experience that will remain anchored in your memories.

If you wish to know more, we invite you to read this article on “le mag des animaux”, which may make you want to come and stay in our gite in Lozere.


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